Open access to online COVID-19 vaccine courses now available for health professionals. Find out more

Webinar replay now available: Vaccinator workforce and programme delivery update.

The COVID-19 Health Workforce

There are a large number of people supporting the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in New Zealand. The Immunisation Advisory Centre is focused on providing education and support to all health professionals and allied workers during the rollout.

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28 Apr 2021

We are pleased to share that access to our online COVID-19 vaccine courses is now open and free, without the need for a user to first enter a packa


12 May 2021

Representatives from the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) are heading to the Cook Islands to support the nation’s roll out of their COVID-19 vac


13 Apr 2021

GP and Director of the Immunisation Advisory Centre, Dr Nikki Turner, is taking us along on her COVID-19 vaccine journey.