We have a great team of experienced and passionate advisors, educators, facilitators and programme support. Based across New Zealand, we have dedicated regional immunisation advisors and facilitators to support the health care workforce in your local community.

Our COVID-19 Regional Immunisation Advisors

  • Our Regional Immunisation Advisors provide leadership and expertise with regards to COVID-19 immunisation practice within their region. This includes:
  • Clinical and professional leadership advice to healthcare providers on their education and training programmes for vaccinator and non-vaccinator workforces. 
  • Nurturing and maintaining strategic relationships with regional stakeholders.
  • Providing advice to healthcare providers to achieve COVID-19 immunisation education requirements. 

Our COVID-19 Immunisation Education Facilitators

We have 20 COVID-19 Immunisation Education Facilitators nationwide to provide operational clinical advice and support to health care providers for the COVID-19 Immunisation Education Programme, and to support the building of knowledge and capability of the local vaccinator and non-vaccinator workforces. Our facilitators:

  • Support local education and training initiatives initiated by local health providers to upskill their workforces.
  • Provide clinical advice on COVID-19 Immunisation including best practices, safety, cold chain and Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) processes.
  • Support and advise on clinical peer assessments.

Find your local regional contacts listed below.

Last updated: 08 April 2021