Please note: Details on recent 1 April 2023 update to boosters here.


First and second dose of Comirnaty 

A primary course of Comirnaty (all ages) is two doses, given a minimum of 3 weeks (21 days) apart. A longer gap is recommended for stronger immune response, 8 weeks is recommended.

Please review the Comirnaty comparison chart for detail on age differences. Nuvaxovid chart includes detail too.

After COVID-19 infection

Data from clinical trials have shown the vaccines to be safe and effective for those who have had COVID-19 ie SARS-CoV-2 infection. This includes those who were asymptomatic.

If someone has not had any vaccine doses, and has had a COVID-19 infection, start vaccination from 3 months (12 weeks) after their positive COVID test.  

If someone has had one dose only, and has had a COVID-19 infection, continue vaccination from  3 months (12 weeks) after their positive COVID test.

If someone has had two doses, and then COVID-19 infection, give the first booster from 6 months after COVID infection.

Additional booster doses can be given from 6 months after COVID infection, or previous dose.

Booster doses

First or additional booster doses can be given 6 months after previous dose. This time frame can be reduced if the person is at risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 disease.

Clinical discretion

Clinical discretion can be applied to spacing rules, following an informed consent discussion, either for clinical, or equity reasons. Minimum 5 months between primary and first booster; 4 months between booster doses; and from 3 months after COVID infection.

Spacing with other vaccines

National immunisation schedule vaccines: all can be given at the same time as the Comirnaty 30mcg or 15/15mcg grey cap vaccines, preferably in a different limb.

Influenza vaccine: can be given a the same time as all COVID-19 vaccines.

Mpox (Jynneos) vaccine: consider spacing mpox and Comirnaty vaccine by 28 days for individuals at increased risk of myocarditis and/or pericarditis following a Comirnaty dose (males aged 16 to 40 years) using an abundance of caution.

Adjuvanted vaccines: Note that Nuvaxovid contains and adjuvant as does Shingrix and Fluad Quad so there may be a stronger post vaccination response when vaccinating at the same time.


Last updated: 11 April 2023