Introducing a new vaccinator role - Vaccinating Health Worker 

The Interim Health New Zealand (IHNZ) announced the Medicines Regulations were updated to include Regulation 44AA, “Alternative authorisation of vaccinators”. This revision came into effect on 19 May 2022 and enables IHNZ to authorise a new role - Vaccinating Health Worker (VHW).

The introduction of the VHW role will expand the scope of the existing authorised COVID-19 Vaccinator Working Under Supervision (CVWUS) workforce to administer additional vaccines upon completion of required additional training. 

Influenza Vaccine Training Course for VHW 

This course is designed to upskill authorised CVWUS to attain authorisation from Interim Health New Zealand as a VHW to administer influenza vaccines to people aged 12 years and above. 

Similar to the CVWUS training, the training will involve three phases before authorisation


IMAC is responsible for delivering the first two phases.  

The online course and assessment should take about 2 hours to complete. 

The passing mark for the IMAC online course assessment is a minimum 80% (8 of 10 multiple choice questions). Learners will have a total of three attempts to pass the assessment. Learners are recommended to seek support from their workplace clinical supervisors for support prior to re-doing the assessment. Additional assessment attempts can be requested via IMAC. 

Upon completing phases 1 and 2, the learner then must complete a workplace clinical assessment, which is the responsibility of the employer to organise. The clinical assessment must be completed under a Standing Order.

Course eligibility and access 

At present, learners must be an ‘authorised CVWUS’ to register for the course. CVWUS trainees who are not yet authorised are encouraged to apply for authorisation. 

This course is available on IMAC’s Learning Management System. To access the course a package code is required, which will be emailed to authorised CVWUS individuals by the Vaccination Authorisation Team at Interim Health New Zealand. 

Attaining Authorisation as a VHW 

Upon successfully completing all three stages, the learner must then submit an authorisation application to Interim Health New Zealand. Applications are submitted to Vaccinator Authorisations [email protected] 

Supporting evidence required for application includes:
1.    IMAC Influenza Vaccines Training Course Completion Certificate
2.    Current CPR Certificate or equivalent documentary evidence of CPR training completed (e.g. Basic Life Support – noting anaphylaxis management is covered in COVID-19 Vaccinator IMAC training)
3.    Completed Clinical Assessment form 

Interim Health New Zealand will assess applications and issue the authorisation letter. Once the letter is received, the Authorised VHW can then administer influenza vaccines without a Standing Order. 

Last updated: 19 July 2022