This course has been developed in partnership with Careerforce and the Ministry of Health to support Aotearoa’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout programme. It is designed for the new class of COVID-19 Vaccinators – Working Under Supervision (WUS), which was passed by Cabinet on 27 May 2021.  A quick guide to this course can be found in this document.

Who this course is for 

People suited for this course are those not registered as health professionals with a regulated body, but with healthcare experience in support roles and healthcare professionals whose Annual Practising Certificate (APC) has lapsed for over three years, or healthcare professionals who are not registered in New Zealand. It is particularly relevant for Māori and Pasifika peoples employed in healthcare settings who are interested in being a member of the COVID-19 vaccination team at a DHB or DHB commissioned vaccination site.

Please see more under heading ‘How to access the course’ below.

Recommended occupations for this course include: 

  1. Kaiāwhina 
  2. Kaiarahi 
  3. Kaimanaaki 
  4. Healthcare Assistants 
  5. Pharmacy Technicians 
  6. Healthcare professionals trained in New Zealand or overseas who are not currently registered in New Zealand and who do not hold a current practicing certificate. 

At all times, the COVID-19 Vaccinators – WUS will be practicing under the direction and supervision of a Vaccination Clinical Supervisor. These supervisors will be an authorised vaccinator or be a registered healthcare professional who is authorised to vaccinate and has recent experience that is relevant to the vaccination programme. The supervisors will also have completed both the IMAC online COVID-19 authorised Vaccinator and COVID-19 Immunisation Register (CIR) training modules. 

COVID-19 Vaccinators – WUS have a limited scope of practice, with the following excluded: 

  • Pre-vaccination screening of health consumers and attaining informed consent for vaccine. 
  • Preparation and drawing up of the vaccine. 
  • Giving the vaccine to pre-screened and pre-consent health consumers deemed as high risk. 
  • Providing clinical advice. 

More information about the COVID-19 Vaccinators – Working Under Supervision role can be found on the MoH website.

Training pathway for the COVID-19 Vaccinator – working under supervision role 

Training is in three phases:  


IMAC is responsible for delivering the first two phases of education to provide the theory and practical experience in COVID-19 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine administration, prior to workplace supervised practice.  

  1. The online learning course can be completed within 2-3 hours. There is a multichoice assessment at the end, and the passing mark is 85%. This must be achieved to progress to the practical workshop.
  2. The practical workshop is about 3 hours. It is designed to provide a safe learning environment to support the translation of theory in practice and a first-hand opportunity to practice vaccine administration techniques. At times, this workshop may be held at the workplace.  
  3. Supervised practice and assessment  at the workplace is led by the employer. This involves  direct supervision of the COVID-19 Vaccinator – WUS by the Vaccination Clinical Supervisor at all times. Following observation, they will develop the required clinical skills which they will then demonstrate as part of formal clinical assessment process. Successful completion of this phase includes the completion of a training and competency workbook and clinical competency assessment.

After this, there will be ongoing direct and indirect supervision of practice for COVID-19 vaccinators in their workplace. This new role will also be trained to use the CIR (COVID-19 Immunisation Register) and be CPR trained. More information about the vaccination site, workforce requirements and the Vaccination Clinical Supervisor can be found on the MoH website.

Attaining certified status 

On successful completion of all three phases of the training pathway, the learner will need to apply to the Ministry of Health for authorisation as a COVID-19 Vaccinator (working under supervision).  

The MoH CVWUS Authorisation Application Form outline the documentation required to for the application. This form can be access via the MoH website and is included in the IMAC Training and Competency Workbook.  

The COVID-19 Vaccinator – WUS certification status is valid to 1 June 2023.   

How to access the course  

This course is available to DHBs and commissioned providers (including those in progress of becoming commissioned) to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine and have Vaccination Clinical Supervisors at the workplace to provide clinical supervision. Vaccination Clinical Supervisors are authorised vaccinators or, registered healthcare professionals authorised to vaccinate and have recent experience that is relevant to the vaccination programme. They must have also completed the IMAC COVID-19 Vaccinator Pfizer/BioNTech Education and CIR Courses.  

Please see further documentation on the MOH website about the requirements for employers, supervisors and trainees of this course.  This information is important to understand before choosing who in your workforce will be suitable to be COVID-19 Vaccinators working under supervison.

Course enrolment must via employer nomination so individuals interested in this course should contact their manager/employer in the first instance. Interested employers who fit the above criteria can contact us about the course registration and additional course information. We can also offer additional support for Māori and Pasifika healthcare providers to best suit your needs.  

If you are currently unemployed but wish to undertake training to become a COVID-19 Vaccinator – WUS, we suggest going to: 
•    www.health.govt.nz/HandsUp and fill in a form to register your interest.  
•    Your local DHB career website for vacant positions.  

Last updated: 27 September 2021