There are number of roles supporting Aotearoa’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts that may vary depending on the delivery model and size of a vaccination centre, enabling the centre to work at full capacity. 

The Immunisation Advisory Centre provides education for people with non-vaccinating duties in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout such as immunisation conversations in communities, cold chain management and post-vaccination observation and care.  

Who this course is for

This education is most suited to people who will be working at vaccination centres in supporting roles. The available education is not compulsory. It will help vaccination providers ensure their workforce have the knowledge on tasks pertinent to their roles to confidently support the COVID-19 vaccination rollout. 


The course consists of an Introduction to Immunisation module, introduction to Cold Chain Management, and Post Vaccination Observation, Safety and Care. On completion of the eLearning course, people are invited to attend a webinar to build on this training and there is a workbook that can be downloaded to support and record evidence of further learning and skill development in the workplace. 
There is also an additional cold chain specific eLearning module that staff may choose to complete if they wish to develop further knowledge on cold chain. 

Course format

Available online with options available for employers to host face-to-face sessions. An estimate of up to four hours is needed, if completing all modules online. There is no formal qualification associated with this course, a certificate of completion will be issued. 

For those who will have cold chain specific roles, there is also a practical workbook that can be downloaded after the course to complete in the work environment. This will help support further understanding of practical components and demonstrate practical skills.

How to access the course

This education is free and available on the IMAC Learning Management System (LMS). To access the course, an LMS account is required so an individual may need to create a user account if they don’t have one already.


Last updated: 29 July 2021