Online Course

There are specific CPR training requirements to become an authorised provisional or full vaccinator, including the management of anaphylaxis and the administration of adrenaline. Some Basic Life Support (BLS) courses do not include these aspects as part of their course, and vaccinators are finding they need to address this gap before they can be authorised.   

To temporarily fill that gap and enable applicants to successfully apply for authorisation IMAC has developed a brief online course that will provide education and certification on these particular skills.  

This top-up training focuses on the recognition and management of anaphylaxis, including the preparation and administration of IM (intramuscular) adrenaline. It is only suitable for those who have a current BLS (Basic Life Support) qualification or one that expired within the last 12 months.  
Before giving access to the course, we require the following information from you:  
•    Your IMAC Learning Management System (LMS) email address 
•    The vaccinator course you’re already registered for (e.g., Provisional or Full Authorisation) 
•    Confirmation you already have a BLS certificate that is current or expired within the last 12 months. 

For registration, please email us at [email protected] stating the information listed above.
Please note that if you are enrolled in the COVID-19 Vaccinator - Working under supervision course, you don’t need to do this top up course as this material is covered during the ½ day practical.

Last updated: 22 September 2021