It is important that every consumer is given clear post vaccination advice verbally and in writing during consent process. This advice is needed for each dose of vaccine, and for all ages and MUST include the following information: 

• Discussion of potential minor side effects as well as the rare but serious ones. The advice should include expected side effects (local and systemic) and how to manage them with the use of paracetamol or other analgesia for pain, or discomfort, and remind them that if they are unwell it is especially important to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and avoid exercise such as going to the gym or similar. 

• Awareness that anaphylaxis, although very unlikely, could occur within a few hours of vaccination and should they have any breathing difficulties, they should dial 111. 

• Cardiac problems are extremely rare but can be serious, so ensure they understand the importance of seeking medical advice early for any out of character symptoms such as: chest pain, chest heaviness, discomfort or tightness; shortness breath or breathing difficulty; feeling lightheaded, faint or dizzy; heart palpitations, racing or fluttering heart, skipped beats. These symptoms should not be ignored. It is important that they seek advice from a doctor or Healthline. 

• For those who are insulin dependent diabetics, discuss the need to closely monitor blood sugars for next few days, as high or low sugars can occasionally be a side effect of the response to the vaccine. 

• Supply information on how and when to make a second appointment.

Last updated: 28 September 2022