Protecting the health and wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand is at the core of the Immunisation Advisory Centre’s [IMAC] vision. With Tagata Pasifika experiencing longstanding health inequities, in comparison with other population groups [Ministry of Health, 2020, p.4], IMAC is committed to ensuring equitable access and optimising best health outcomes for all.

In recognising the uniqueness of each Pasifika nation, IMAC has incorporated shared fundamental values endorsed by the Ministry of Pacific Peoples [Ministry for Pacific Peoples, 2018, p.7], in its commitment to building strong relationships and maintaining positive engagement with Tagata Pasifika.  

Shared core values among Tagata Pasifika include:

  • Family: Central to the community and way of life. Every person belongs to a family and vice-versa.  It is core to the individual’s sense of identity and belonging, inclusive of ancestral connections.
  • Respect: Fundamental to Pasifika culture, embedded from early development during infancy right throughout the whole of life experiences. 
  • Spirituality: Cornerstone of traditional Pasifika values and culture – incorporating within both adaptation of westernised theological convictions and traditional, ancestral beliefs handed down oratorically over many generations.  Grounded within this space, are other significant values inclusive of honour, trust, faith and integrity.
  • Collectivism & communitarianism: Reflects how Tagata Pasifika perceive the world through shared ideologies and philosophies, in their quest to achieving common goals. 
  • Reciprocity: Acknowledges the preciousness of trusting and respectful, sustainable partnerships; being purposeful with good intent. Mutual support and inter-relational partnerships are looked upon by Tagata Pasifika as being more productive and effective, than individualism.

What we offer

In addition to the education and courses we have on offer to support the COVID-19 vaccination workforce broadly, we are able to offer bespoke face to face (or Zoom) education options for Tagata Pasifika health workforce in the following: 
•    COVID-19 Vaccinator - working under supervision course 
•    Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) (on immune.org.nz)
•    Pasifika-focused communications training to support the immunisation support workforce

Resources and supporting information 

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Last updated: 21 June 2022