What are the ingredients of COVID-19 vaccines?

Vaccine ingredients depend on the type of vaccine. As vaccines are approved for use, the contents and presentation of each vaccine is published by Medsafe as a data sheet and consumer medicine information.

These form part of the information that companies submit during the approval process. For the data sheets giving details of the ingredients for the monovalent Comirnaty (30 mcg) (Pfizer/BioNtech) vaccine (for ages 12 years or over, grey cap) here, bivalent Comirnaty (15/15mcg) here or here for the 10 microgram paediatric formulation of Comirnaty (for ages 5-11 years, orange cap).

Some types of vaccines use human cell lines to produce the active ingredient as part of the vaccine manufacturing process. This is known to be a safe and efficient way to produce vaccines. Both the Janssen and Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines use cell lines (not available in NZ though). NO cells from the manufacturing process remain in the vaccine because purification removes all the cell culture material and each batch undergoes thorough quality control checks. The Catholic Church has issued a formal statement saying it is morally acceptable to take vaccines that use such cell lines. Find further information on fetal cells and COVID19 vaccines here.


Last updated: 30 March 2023