Booster changes from 1 May 2023


01 May 2023

From 1 May, everyone aged 30 and over is eligible for additional booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine from 6 months after their last COVID-19 vaccine dose or 6 months after having COVID-19 infection. The bivalent vaccine Comirnaty 15/15 mcg will be used. Detail on eligibility can be found here on Manatū Hauora website.
Individuals aged 16 years and over at increased risk of severe COVID-19 disease will also be able to have the additional booster dose after 6 months from having their last booster or COVID-19.
Anyone from 16 who has not had a first booster yet is encouraged to do so from 6 months after their primary course. Those who have not had a primary course of COVID-19 vaccine are also encouraged to do so, even if they have already had COVID-19 infection (in this case they will be offered Comirnaty 30 mcg). 

Clinical discretion can be applied to spacing rules, following an informed consent discussion, either for clinical, or equity reasons. Minimum 4 months between booster doses; 5 months between primary and first booster; and from 3 months after COVID infection. See our fact sheet and Comirnaty grey caps page for more details.

Detail on schedules including additional boosters is here.

More information is available on our booster page.

Note re Nuvaxovid

Nuvaxovid can be used for booster/additional booster doses from 6 months after previous COVID-19 vaccination or COVID-19 infection. Comirnaty 15/15 mcg vaccine is the preferred booster vaccine for use during pregnancy due to the lack of safety data for Nuvaxovid.

  • 1st booster administered 6 months after primary course.
  • Additional booster doses are available to those six months after a previous COVID-19 infection or COVID-19 vaccination who are:
    • aged 30 years and over
    • aged 18 years and over who meet the eligibility criteria and are at increased risk of severe disease from COVID-19 infection.

See new screening guides and factsheets that support these changes:

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Last updated: 03 May 2023