Replay: COVID vaccination in Pharmacies – set up and best practice


28 Sep 2021

About: This webinar will touch on the onboarding process and planning considerations involved with setting up a COVID clinic and also provide up-to-date best practice guidance to ensure pharmacy COVID clinics are safe and successful.

Panelists: Kate Marshall, IMAC COVID Immunisation Facilitator (host), Olivia Haslam, IMAC Midlands COVID Regional Immunisation Advisor (co-host), Sally Schnauer, IMAC COVID Immunisation Facilitator, and Andi Shirtcliffe, Clinical Chief Advisor’ for the Pharmacy, Allied Health and COVID-19 vaccination team at MoH.

When: 7pm on Wednesday 6th October

Additional Content:

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“The Blueprint” COVID-19 Planning Considerations for existing accredited vaccination healthcare facilities (Ministry of Health)

COVID-19 Planning Considerations for Drive-through vaccination centres (Ministry of Health) 

CIR Onboarding Journey (Ministry of Health) 

BookMyVaccine Onboarding Journey (Ministry of Health) 

Immunisation handbook 2020 (Ministry of Health)

2021 Addendum National Standards for Vaccine Storage and Transportation for Providers (Ministry of Health)

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Last updated: 07 October 2021