Super Saturday 16 October: Get vaccinated


07 Oct 2021

Super Saturday is coming! This national day of action for COVID vaccination has been announced for Saturday 16th October. The New Zealand Government is aiming for a 90% vaccination rate and is encouraging everyone who has not been fully vaccinated to seek out their closest vaccine site or centre for their first or second jab.

A collaborative effort between members of parliament, the media, and civic leaders will work to reach as many people as possible across the country to mobilise large groups to their nearest vaccination site.
Members of the public that are already fully vaccinated are encouraged to reach out to family members, friends, and members of the community who have not received their COVID vaccine. 

The Government has reaffirmed how important it is for everyone to receive their first COVID dose and is making it easier for the public to receive the vaccine. COVID vaccine clinic hours will be extended from early morning into the evening, and several different sites will offer additional incentives to people who receive their vaccine. 
For more information on this upcoming event please view the resources provided below.

Additional resources:
Super Saturday COVID Vaccination Event webpage
Super Saturday COVID Vaccination Event flyer

Last updated: 11 October 2021