Mary Nowlan

Medical Writer

Mary Nowlan

PhD BSc Hons.

As a medical writer for IMAC, my role varies from writing academic documents, reviewing evidence from scientific literature to guide immunisation policy, editing the Immunisation Handbook for health professionals to articles for parenting magazines and social media. I am also involved in the education aspects of IMAC – you may see me present occasionally.

Prior to moving to New Zealand, I was a laboratory-based post-doctoral research fellow in immunology at the University of Nottingham, UK. I began my career as a medical writer at Adis International Ltd (Springer) maintaining a drug research and development database.

I am motivated by a personal interest in the science behind immunisation and the knowledge that immunisation plays an important role in public health. I particularly enjoy being able to communicate the science in a way that helps those that are uncertain decide to be vaccinated. It helps that I work with a great team! I can be reached by email or come and have a chat if you see me at a workshop or event.