Clinical Toolkit COVID

This Toolkit has been created in recognition that changes to clinical guidance for COVID-19 vaccination happen regularly as the programme evolves, increasing the need to ensure frontline clinical staff have the correct information at hand to provide efficient and safe immunisation. A new version of the Toolkit will be published every month, and it is intended to serve as your:

  • Quick-reference guide for key clinical information.
  • Summary of recent changes to vaccination guidance or related programme operations.
  • A central place for accessing key COVID-19 immunisation resources and supporting documentation.

The Toolkit briefly summarises key information and reminders for the following clinical requirements:

  • Cold chain management.
  • Vaccine preparation.
  • Pre-vaccination including consent and screening.
  • Vaccine administration.
  • Adverse events.
  • Useful information/Contacts/Q&As.

We welcome feedback on the toolkit to support ongoing improvements. Please complete this short anonymous survey to let us know what you think.

Last updated: 07 July 2022